Located in beautiful Draper, Utah, StrongDog LLC builds cloud-based products and services.  Our core business competencies range from manufacturing to software solutions, and often include elements of both.  Here are some examples:

PriceHuddle.com compares local grocery prices.  We help customers take control of their grocery budget by combining local price comparisons with couponing, which saves tons of time and money. PriceHuddle's goal is to save customers 30-50% on their monthly grocery bill, on average.

PriceHuddle offers service discounts to shoppers who price check items at local stores. Power users can even earn premium memberships and cash rewards.  
PriceHuddle.com: Price it. Share it. Save!

FrameJuice manufactures wireless cloud-based digital photo frames.  FrameJuice frames take the hassle out of sharing digital camera shots by displaying photos instantly.  You can even connect several frames to the the same camera, and/or several cameras to one frame.

FrameJuice Frames make ideal gifts for family members and friends, because they allow you to share life's greatest moments as they happen.  You can even share social media photo collections with the technophobes in your life.  FrameJuice: Life shared; Life connected.